Red Dead Redemption 2 player count hits all-time high on PC

Three years after it released on PC, Red Dead Redemption 2 broke its all-time peak of concurrent players yesterday.

Single-player DLC for the game looks unlikely, and the bundled multiplayer offering Red Dead Online was pronounced “dead” by its community of players after developer Rockstar confirmed it would no longer push major updates to the game to shift development to Grand Theft Auto 6 instead.

That hasn’t put people off enjoying Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online, however (with some help from the Thanksgiving holidays across the pond and Steam’s autumn sale).

As documented by SteamDB, yesterday afternoon there were 66,492 concurrent players in Red Dead Redemption 2. Its previous peak was just after the game launched on Steam on 26th December 2019 at 55,000 players.

The game is currently discounted by 67 percent in Steam’s autumn sale, taking it down from £55 to £18. It’s as good a time as any to buy the game, which received a Recommended badge in our review. Despite Rockstar abandoning Red Dead Online, Emma described it as a playground for our State of the Game series, and praised the community for finding new ways to keep the game fresh.