Expert Shares Why Almonds Must Be In Your Diet

From reducing cholesterol to regulating blood pressure levels, almonds offer a plethora of health benefits. Nutritionist Karishma Shah recently dropped a post on Instagram where she shared all the reasons why one should eat these nuts regularly. Mentioning that several people find consuming almonds daunting due to their high-fat content, she told people not to fret. Karishma said, “two-thirds of this fat is good for you.”

She added that as long as someone is not allergic to almonds, almonds are a great addition to any kind of diet.

Here are some of the surprising health benefits of almonds which may finally inspire you to add them to your diet.

Cholesterol Control:

Karishma claims that almonds are proven to raise levels of Vitamin E in red blood cells. As a result, antioxidants that prevent your cells from clogging and developing cholesterol are formed. Thus, it keeps the cholesterol level in check.

Excellent for the heart:

People who consume almonds regularly have comparatively more antioxidants in their bodies than the ones who don’t. These antioxidants aid in decreasing blood pressure and improving blood circulation. Karishma also mentioned that according to research, Mediterranean diets, including a lot of nuts are extremely beneficial for one’s health.

Regulates blood sugar:

Almonds also help with maintaining blood sugar levels and stabilize them. Almonds are abundant in magnesium which develops insulin resistance in one’s body. Thus, if you are a diabetes patient, you know what to do.

Controls blood pressure levels:

High blood pressure is caused due to low magnesium which assists in increasing the risks of heart attacks, strokes, and kidney failure. Since almonds are a powerhouse of magnesium, it aids in managing blood pressure effectively.

Now that you know the surfeit of health benefits of Almonds, what are you waiting for? Add these nuts to your daily diet now to lead a healthy lifestyle.