Family ‘ripped apart’ after golden retriever dies from eating poison left by path

A family has told how it has been “ripped apart” by the death of its golden retriever who died a day after eating toxic waste dumped near a Glasgow church.

Owner Jane Rainey, 33, said that four-year-old Oakley was out with his dog walker near Bargeddie Parish Church in the east end of the city when he ate the poison on Monday night, reported the Daily Record.

She received a text from the dog walker to say that the dog had been rushed to the vet after he ate something from the side of a path and began vomiting.

Oakley initially seemed okay and was given an anti-sickness jab and medication before being sent home.

But the next day the dog’s organs began to shut down and he died hours later.

Mum-of three Jane, a teacher, claimed the vet said she had “never seen a case like it”.

She said: “He was at the vets within an hour of him eating the substance – but the following day he was struggling to walk, looked shaky and fragile and he was just lying down in the garden and couldn’t get up.

“We took him back to the vet but when we arrived she looked at me and said ‘We’ll do everything we can but he might not make it’. I just crumbled.”

The vet told Jane and her partner John Cox that Oakley was suffering from severe poisoning and his liver was failing so he would have to remain – then the couple was called back hours later to say their goodbyes.

Tearful Jane said: “We got there 10 minutes before he died.

“The vet said she had never seen a dog deteriorate so quickly after ingesting something poisonous. The substance burnt through his gastrointestinal tract and his organs failed. He was dying from the minute he ate it.”

The family, who are emigrating to Australia next year, have been left devastated by the death of their beloved pet.

“My children have grown up with Oakley – now there is a piece of our family missing,” said Jane. “We are emigrating to Australia next year and Oakley had all his jags to come with us. This has ripped our family apart.”

Jane’s mum and her dog walker both reported the incident to Public Health Scotland and asked for the waste to be removed. She claims both were given incident reference numbers and told the report would be passed to the relevant department.

But more than a week later – the toxic substance – which has still not been identified – reportedly remains by the path.

Jane fears another family could suffer the same fate as the area is popular with dog walkers.

“The waste is blue, and has an awful stench. It’s inside a bowl near the path. We don’t know what it is, or how it got there,” she said.

“We were told it would be dealt with within five days and I would receive a call back. I’ve not heard anything since and the waste is still there. What if another pet or a child goes near it?”

Jane took a sample of the waste and handed it into the vets to be sent for testing. She is now urging dog walkers and parents to avoid the area until the matter is resolved.

A North Lanarkshire Council spokesperson told the Daily Record: “The first we were made aware of this incident was when the Daily Record contacted us today.

“A member of our Waste Services team is currently heading to the site to investigate the situation. It may require a specialist operator to dispose of the material.”

A Glasgow City Council spokesperson reportedly said: “We are saddened to learn of this incident. It appears the waste has been dumped on private land but we are linking with SEPA so this incident can be addressed as a matter of urgency.”